Can’t stand the sound of debris hitting your car?
“Now you can drive your car with peace of mind”

Crystal Autoshield specializes in the installation of paint protection film, otherwise known as clear bra.

Protection is achieved by applying a skintight bond of a crystal clear transparent film over the surface of the paint. This cutting edge film shields your paint from day to day hazards you experience on the road. From rocks, gravel, sand and other road debris, you can rest assured your vehicle will be protected.

We carry factory installer certifications from Xpel, Suntek, Ventureshield Avery Nano and ASE. After years of experience working with top films and pattern designers on the market, we have found Suntek Self-Healing Film combined with Xpel's DAP patterns to be the top choice. Providing your the best apperance and performance the industry has to offer.