Clear Bra Paint Protection in Long Beach, CAWhat is Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a clear film made of thermoplastic-urethane. The film is supplied with a pressure contact adhesive that bonds to the finished surface such as paint or plastic. Depending on the quality of the film, it is extremely clear and strong, designed to protect the surface from scratching or chipping. Clear Bra creates a resilient barrier creating a ricochet effect that will take years of abuse from gravel, dirt, salt, rocks, sand, and other air and waterborne projectiles. Crystal Autoshield uses this high grade film available with the highest clarity, longevity and strength.

How was Paint Protection Film developed? 

PPF was originally designed and used by the military. Helicopter blades are extremely expensive and are susceptible to abuse in the air. Funding departments found that helicopter blades were one of the highest maintenance expenses for those aircrafts and needed a solution to slow down the wear. A thermal plastic film was developed to shield the front of the blades and it turned out to be a huge success. The film later progressed to protect race cars. Sponsors realized they no longer had to repaint vehicles after just a few races!

What are the advantages of a Clear Bra vs. a Vinyl Bra? 

Vinyl bras have many down sides. The biggest one of them all is how ugly they make your car look! Today's vehicle body styles are also making it difficult if not impossible to install. Vinyl bras require a lot of care. You must remove the bra frequently to wash out the backside and regular use of vinyl conditioner will only last a few years. Another negative is that the vinyl bra will flap if not tightly installed, catch dirt and debris underneath and will wear away the paint. Vinyl bras do not allow for the paint on a vehicle to fade evenly. The end result is kind of like a farmer's tan, but on your car! Lastly, they also cannot protect headlights or mirrors.

Can a Clear Bra affect the appearance of my vehicle?

The clear bra film is virtually undetectable if you do not know it is on the car. The edges of the film follow the contour of the body. PPF is difficult to see once it is properly applied. The film is 95% clear.

How long does it take to install a full kit?

Average installation times range from 3 to 25 hours, depending on the complexity of the kit and or vehicle. Premium full coverage installations will take longer.

How long does the film last? 

Today's paint protection film lasts longer than it ever has. We have seen cars with older substandard films dry out and yellow within two years. At Crystal Autoshield, our film is guaranteed to never yellow, crack, or bubble for a minimum of 5 years with little to no care. It is subject and backed by the SunTek Window Films Warranty. Minimal recommended care is required and can last 10 years or more.

Can Paint Protection Film be installed on a vehicle a few years old? 

PPF can be installed on a vehicle that has not been protected. We have covered many vehicles that were slightly chipped. It is recommended to have a professional detailer use factory touch up kits to hide the chips and polish the panels to be covered for oxidation removal prior to the film installation. The appearance of course will not be flawless and that is why it is best to protect the vehicle when it is new or after it has been repainted. We must inform you that we cannot be responsible for lifting paint on repaints if the shop did not prep the surface properly.

What if I just got my car painted. Can I get a Clear Bra right away? 

No. The most common amount of time needed for a proper cure is 30 days. It is best to contact your Body Shop. Body Shops use a wide range of suppliers for their paint materials. Tell your Body Shop to contact their paint supplier for information if they are unsure. The paint supplier or manufacturer will be the best source for the correct cure time.

Can the PPF film be installed on plastic? 

Yes. PPF is also an excellent option for plastic. Headlamps are the most common plastic component to protect. It is important to protect headlamps due to their high cost. It is common to see Headlamps priced well over $1000 for high end Xenon headlamps.

Will my paint fade differently for areas not covered? 

No. The material contains an inhibitor to prevent the plastic from reacting to the sun's UV rays and prevent yellowing, but this does not prevent the UV rays from passing through the plastic into your paint. As a result, your paint will fade evenly with the rest of the vehicle. 

Is Paint Protection Film permanent or can it be removed? 

Paint Protection Film is not permanent and can be removed. All though once installed it will last for years, it can be removed anytime as desired. PPF is recommended for all painted surfaces or plastic. However on a repainted vehicle we cannot be responsible if it lifts the paint when removed. On a factory paint job the film will not lift the paint.

Should I have my car detailed before our appointment?

No. A full detail is not necessary unless the panels covered are affected by bird droppings, polishing swirl marks, oxidation or hard water stains.  We always try to minimize installation time and cost to our customers and definitely appreciate a clean vehicle at the time of the appointment.