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Moorthy B., Irvine CA (5 Star Yelp Review - 4/17/2016)

Bought a new Mazda CX-5 with Soul Red metallic color. Wanted to install PPF on it to protect its looks. Contacted Norbert over email.

Norbert was very professional and responsive over emails. First, my confusion was to make a choice between XPEL Ultimate PPF and Suntek PPF. Norbert suggested Suntek over XPEL, and explained the reasons for the same.

So decided to go with Suntek, and booked an appointment with him. I reached his location on time, and he started his work as promised.

The work was very professional and neat and on time.

Enjoyed doing business with Norbert, and will recommend him to friends and family.

Thanks, Norbert for installing PPF on my car, and wishing you all the best to grow your business bigger.


Ken B., Redondo Beach, CA (5 Star Yelp Review - 1/15/2016)

I went to visit Norbert - based on previous Yelp reviews - during the second weekend of January, 2016. He turned out to be super friendly, very professional, and (most importantly) a little obsessive about quality. If I'm going to hire someone to put a giant piece of film over the front of my new 2016 BMW M3, obsessive is a trait I can get behind. He was so obsessive that, when I came to pick up my car that evening, he noticed a super small piece of lint that had gotten under the film, and spent the next 5 minutes removing and re-applying that panel to make sure it was perfect.

So far, the Suntek film works as he advertised. The reflection is sharp, the surface is smooth, and the car really does look like it's brand new.

Hire Norbert. He's fantastic. Now, I just feel bad that I couldn't afford to have my entire car covered in film. One day, Norbert. One day.


Ying-Chih C., Lynwood, CA (5 Star Yelp Review - 11/16/2015)

Everyone said about how great the shop, the skills, the service, the guy Norbert, etc...
are all TRUE!!!
just got my 2016 Hyundai Sonata Sport done over the weekend and it's so nicely done.
the car's clean after finished.
couldn't be happier.
if you want to install the PPF/clear film to your car
Crystal Autoshield/Norbert is higher recommended!!

Austin S., Fullerton, CA (5 Star Yelp Review - 10/15/2015)

I was in a long search for a good.. no, GREAT installer and I found him.
Norbert was awesome from start to finish.

I contacted around 10 installers in the area for XPEL ultimate but ended up with Norbert's SUNTEK product. He explained everything to me and what persuaded me was the fact that SUNTEK produces their own products whereas XPEL outsources their products. SUNTEK is also a subsidiary for EASTMAN chemicals which is a company I sold to when working in the Petrochemical business so I knew the quality would be there.

Everyone always wants the same thing; the best product at a lower cost and Norbert offers exactly that.

I picked up my X5 and immediately wanted a clearbra for my car. After searching, Norbert was kind and was not in a rush to educate me in the quality and the process. We set up a schedule and when we finally met, I knew that I found the perfect installer.

If you read this and you're searching for an installer, give him a call.
It takes a few minutes to talk to him and you'll know you got the right guy.


Testimonials XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Christopher H.  Long Beach CA

I rarely write reviews, I should because thanks to fellow yelpers.. I found Crystal Autoshield when I decided to find a place to install a clear bra.

I worked with Norbert. Great guy, stellar work, very professional... (I am extremely picky and can spot a flaw on my car from a mile away) something that is nearly impossible to find these days.  I must admit I was a bit hesitant in the beginning but my line of work is a pretty similar concept (relying on reviews and word of mouth to stay in business) so after a few emails and phone calls to better understand the entire process, I felt that I had made the right decision. 

Norbert completed my car and it looked flawless, I couldn't even tell that it was installed.  If and when I need to have another clear bra installed on one of my vehicles, I'll be sure to give him a call.

Thanks again!


Alex J  Garden Grove CA

What to Say, Crystal Autoshield is worth a 6 star. The only unfortunate part is there's only a 5 star review. 

These guys are great, treated me great from start to finish. Completed projected in a timely manner and with a great price. I got several quotes from vendors these guys not only beat the price but were a pleasure to work with! 

Thank you Crystal Autoshield!


Sherri P.  La Puente CA

If I could give 10 stars I would because that is the quality of work and customer service Norbert exudes and provides. I say this because I did plenty of research and emailing before I bit the bullet. Norbert answered all my questions honestly and promptly which ultimately helped me make a decision with what product and who to go with.  Installation was done in the time expected and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. If you care about your car and want it protected give Norbert a call and he will take care of it.  This should be the last review you read just make the call to Norbert and get it done.


Nolan C.  Brea CA

I am not a yelper but I had to sign up to give Crystal Autoshield a positive review.  Norbert is fantastic to work with.  He is professional and is an artist at what he does.  The product that he uses looks great as well.  I have had clear bras put on all my cars.  Norbert was flexible and worked around my schedule and the price was great as well.

I will be getting all my future cars done by Norbert and referring my friends as well.

I would not hesitate to give him a call if you are considering getting a clear bra.

Thanks again Norbert!


Darren R.  Gardena Ca

If you are thinking about getting any kind of protection on you car you should not look any further.  Norbert is simply put is one of the best installers I have ever seen work.  Profesional, honest, and most of all a true artisan at his craft.  Took time with every single detail, and explained everything I asked him.  

I had him do the entire front clip of my car, and he also added some extra pieces that took him more time than he thought.  I paid exactly what was quoted, and although in general this type of install is not cheap, his prices were more than fair.  

The car came out amazing.  I have looked over and over again for imperfections like dust and stretch marks that happen when things are not lined up to begin with.  Really the outcome is amazing.  I know that there are other qualified installers out there, but Norbert has to be one of the best and he stands by all of his work.   

So again if you are going to get any kind of clear protection for your vehicle, this is the guy to call.  I have not one regret about this install.  Thanks Norbert.  I am glad that there are people out  there like you who take such pride in what they do.

Update: I had a rock fly up and hit my windshield on the way home yesterday and the first person I thought of was Norbert.  I called him at 3 and he was at my house by 7 that night.  Again.  His expertise came shining through as he had to actually make the mark bigger and drill into my windshield in order to fix it the right way. 

When he asked me if it was ok to make it worse in order to make it better I said you are the expert.  Well if you looked for the mark today, you could t find it.  It's that good.  Awesome, simply awesome.  And if it does start to crack, I get my money back. What?  Can you say professional?


Noel M.  Downey CA

Finally bought my first new car. A 2014 Mercedes E350. I had a 2004 that I bought used and after owning it for 4 years and lots of highway miles, the front end really looked bad. Since my experience with my old car I was not going to let this happen to my new one. A friend suggested I protect it with a clear bra. I didn't know much about the concept so he referred me to Norbert at Crystal Autoshield for some information and I'm so glad I was sent to the right guy. Norbert answered all my questions with full detail and patience. Everything he explained made sense and I made an appointment for the install. The outcome and my buying experience went great. He was on time, finished my car in the time expected and did a an amazing job. If you buy your cars versus leasing this product is a no brainer. Give Norbert a call, he's  a great guy.


Mr M.  Los Angeles CA

So I decided to have a clear bra put on the new car and so begun the meticulous search for an installer. After speaking to a number of them, the decision was an easy one.

* Norbert far and away impressed me the most with his knowledge, professionalism and phone manner.

* The devotion to his craft and satisfaction of his customers immediately apparent.

* Norbert provided a superb installation with extremely impressive attention to detail.

* Used a high-quality film which is virtually invisible, the look is absolutely fantastic.

* Very fair pricing and accommodating with scheduling.

Without question will seek Norbert's services in the future and will actively recommend him without hesitation. A respectful, nice guy with a great product and service.


Anthony C.  Venice CA

Norbert is diligent, responsive, and thorough. I recently purchased a 2013 Audi S5 and wanted to protect the front end as I have my prior autos. I emailed a few places and Norbert was quick to get right back to me, answer any questions I had, and even offered to come to me if I wanted him to.

He was very flexible about the installation - adding a few pieces to make sure to take care of all the areas I wanted covered - and quoted me a very fair price.

I decided to go to his location, because there were too many issues with my office lot. When I arrived Norbert was prepped and ready for my install. His facility is clean and has wi-fi, lounging area, and so on. I hung around briefly but decided to explore the area a little while he did the work. He was finished even before his promised delivery time, and he did a fantastic job. It looked amazing.

He gave me some aftercare instructions (pretty easy) and my paperwork and I was off to enjoy the afternoon in my new (better-protected) baby.

I was very impressed by his work, his attention to detail, and his professionalism. Perhaps most important: Norbert is a good guy, and there's not enough of those in the world.

I highly recommend him and Crystal Autoshield.


John D.  Long Beach CA

My car had front end damage repaired from a recent accident.  The manager of the collision center where I had the work done made a personal recommendation to use Crystal Autoshield.  I was a little hesitant at first because this would be using a different film than had been placed my car several years ago.  After talking it over a bit more I decided to move forward.  Man was I glad to have been steered in the right direction!

Norbert is first class all the way!  Installation was to take 4 hours and when my ride cancelled on me, Norbert suggested that he could give me a ride home and pick me up when it was finished.  How many places would do that??  In comparing his price to what I had paid several years ago, I have to say that his prices are more than reasonable!!  

The quality of the film that he used is beyond belief.  There is no imperfection in the finish AT ALL.  This guy does a quality job people.  You will not be disappointed when you choose to have your work done here.

I will definitely be recommending Norbert's work to everyone.


George M.  Downey CA

Norbert is really knowledgable and provides great service. Makes the customer feel like a priority and addressed all my concerns. The film that he put on my new Audi is much better than I ever could have imagined. There is no way for me to tell that its there. His installations are super clean.


Julio T.  Paramount CA

Great Job, High Quality, Norbert Ibarra is the Best !! Excellente workmanship. I took my wife's 2012 Toyota Prius IV, superb installation, really good price and worth the money when you think of the great coverage you car has when it is exposed to those ugly and speedy little rocks that hurt the front of your car and with time look so bad on your paint, with this clear bra you do not have to worry about this kind of problems anymore. I recommend Norbert Ibarra for the installation he is a very knowledgeable young guy


Carlos Mancera  Carson CA

I manage a few collision repair shops.  Norbert with Crystal Autoshield has treated all of my customer with the up most respect and professionalism.  Not to mention the workmanship and pride that goes into every single one of his jobs.  From Porsche's, to Kia's Crystal Autoshield is the only company that I will use and will send my customers to.


Dave F  Long Beach CA

I had Norbert from Crystal Autoshield install a clear bra on my Carrera S and couldn't be happier with the quality of the workmanship and the product he uses. After getting quotes from two Porsche dealers I searched around for an independent installer and found Norbert and I am glad I did. His pricing blows away the dealer pricing and he uses a better film.

If you need a clear bra, then Norbert is the ONLY way to go. 5+ stars.


Michael A.  Los Angeles CA

I shopped around for the best price and read the Yelp reviews. I ultimately went with Crystal Autoshield because of the great reviews and great price. My installer was Norbert. He was very accommodating as his schedule is super busy. I was able to take my new 2013 370Z Nismo from the dealer's lot straight to Norbert as I was afraid of getting rock chips. Man, this guy is a true professional. Where other places needed 2 days or a whole day to work on my car, Norbert only needed a few hours. He did the front bumper, whole hood, fenders, a-pillars, headlights, rocker panels, mirrors and a third of the roof. Norbert worked on my car as if it was his. He pays close attention to details. The guy is so cool too and very knowledgeable. He answered all my questions. When I picked up my car, he gave me tips on how to keep it looking good and gave me the warranty information. I recommend these guys to all my friends and family and everyone at the 370Z forums. I will definitely be bringing my future cars to them. I can finally drive my car without the fear of getting rock chips. Thanks Norbert!


Jet B.  Duarte CA.

I agree with the previous post, Crystal Autoshield deserves 6 stars. I got several quotes from other companies but they just can't beat these guys for the quality of work and product they use at a great price.

Norbert installed film on my wife's Pearl white 2013 Acura ILX, he finished the car on time as promised and the installation was flawless. Im very impressed with the quality of work done. Very honest, cool and profesional I would definitely recommend Crystal Autoshield.


Gary S.  Los Angeles CA


What an AWSOME experience. The Car bra was put on 10 out of 10. Norbert, is easy to talk to, Professional, Extremely knowledgeable and an attentive listener. You Can't go wrong with him. 

Norbert was more than a person who puts your car bra on - This man is an inspiration! He is a jack of all trades & YES, master of all!!

I plan on referring all my friends and family to him. 

Thanks Norbert. 


Jelo C.  Hawaiian Gardens CA

I never had a clear film on my previous cars but this time I have decided to give it a try. I was so fortunate that I came across Crystal Autoshield and met Norbert. Did some few inquiries regarding the pricing for the full hood, fenders, front bumper, mirror and headlights, I found that Norbert really gave me a very good deal. Not only that he patiently answers all my questions, I could really tell in his personality that he really cares and will assure you that the process will go as smoothly as it can be.

It only took Norbert to install the clear film for about 5 hours and gave me a call that it is ready for pick up. To my surprised, the first time when I see the car after install, I can't believe the beauty of Norbert workmanships as the film is really invisible and not unless that you know where to look at you can't tell that it's there. Norbert pays attentions to all the details and make sure that it will fit to my satisfactions.

I am really happy with the results of Norbert clear film installations on my 2013 BMW 335i M-Sport line. Now, I can drive the car the way I wanted to do and the way it should be and without worrying about having some rock chips and for sure will protect the paint and the value of the car for so many years as it comes with a warranty. Isn't that GREAT?

FIVE STARS for Crystal Autoshield especially Norbert for EXCELLENT Customer Service and workmanships. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDS CRYSTAL AUTOSHIELD and consider protecting your investments.


Eric C.  Long Beach CA

Norbert installed the full front of car and mirrors clear bra on my 2013 Genesis Coupe. It was recommended by my friends at Harbor Hyundai and Prestige Too Auto Body Shop. I could not be happier with the installation and the product. Norbert did a part of the trunk which is subject to scratching when taking things in and out of the trunk. We later added a thick layer on the rear bumper where cars tap you when parking. Great work and great service!


George C.  Whittier CA

Had a clear bra put on my Porsche Cayenne and it came out perfect! Norbert plays attention to the smalest details and his jobs are perfection!  He is very professional and one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.

Highly recommend them for people out there wanting to protect their invetments and keep their value up on their vehicles.

I give them a 10 all the way! 

Thanks Norbert....